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Measuring a driveshaft for manufacture

How to supply the information we need to quote and manufacture your custom driveshafts

Having made hundreds of shafts for all kinds of performance and classic cars we know that even ‘standard Ford’ CV joints have slightly differing tolerances, therefor if possible please send us the splined inner/outer races or the entire CV joint to ensure the best possible fit – as each shaft is custom made and we test fit the joints through-out manufacture.

Option 1: The easiest a most obvious way is to supply an existing sample shaft – even a broken one along with your CV joints if possible.
Option 2: If option 1 is not available then take a look at our “how to measure a driveshaft” along with the shaft length we will need the spline details from the race of each CV joint – diameter, number of splines and depth/length of splines.

download pdf

Download, fill-in and return our form to us by post or email for a quote - remember to fill in one form for each shaft and save as N/S and O/S - unless the shafts are the same both sides.

Additional information we may need…
POWER – to ensure we make your uprated or replacement shaft strong enough please let us know the expected max BHP and use of the car – Rallycross, Hillclimb, Single Seater, Drift Car or Classic to Electric Conversion.
DELIVERY – Please let us know your preferred delivery date, our standard turnaround is 4 weeks.