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Special purpose machine parts

Special Purpose Machines, commonly known as SPM machines.

SPM’s are bespoke machines and as their name suggest, Special Purpose Machines are manufactured to deal with ‘one off’ tasks and by their very nature therefor manufactured as one off’s or in very low numbers.

Part obsolescence is an issue for any organisation that operates complex engineering equipment and therefor our experience in ‘reverse engineering’ to produce vital spare parts has become invaluable.

Here at Brand we have the experience to manufacture precision components machined in almost any material and have for many years been supplying Specialist Purpose Machine parts to both OEM manufactures as well as ‘reverse engineered’ spare parts to failed supply chains.

We can create machined parts from hard copy drawings, 2D and 3D files or samples, whatever you have we have the experience and know how to work form it!

Our flexibility allows us to supply prototype and small batch components with very short lead times….call us on 0121 327 6622 to discuss your ‘one off’ or small volume CNC Machining or Turning requirements.